Christian Gill

Stream, Season 2

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A few weeks ago I started to stream again after taking a break for a couple of months. I'm now on Season 2 of the stream.


I started to stream in 2020. Around May, if I remember correctly.

I remember back in 2015 I discovered programming streams, think it was on I'd watch and think that one day I would stream myself. Took me a few years, but I did it xD

To be honest I don't even know why I decided to stream. What I do know is that as awkward as my streams are, I enjoy doing it.

Season 1

Season 1 was random. Like a TV Show that producers aren't sure if there's going to be another season or not.

It was mostly about Functional Programming and doing whatever I felt like doing. I tried out a few things that never finished like the Fantasy Land series and working through books.

Here are some other things I did:

I also uploaded some of the VODs to YouTube, which some people found very useful. I should probably do more of that.

Eventually I got tired of it, I figure because I had no goal in mind. Every week would be a new random thing.

And also, during this time I moved to a new place and have been busy with a ton of renovation projects, which make up a big chunk of my free time now. Maybe I should stream that?

Season 2

Time passed by and I started to miss the stream. I felt like break was over. And so I decided to start again. Since I had quite some time to think about the stream, instead of you know, actually streaming, I realized that I need to set a goal for the stream. Or at least a theme to stick to. Something that would keep me motivated, hold me accountable, and give purpose to it.

While Season 1 was all random and doing whatever, Season 2 is going to be about figuring out what the hack do I want with my stream.

The main thing I'm changing already is the randomness of it. For the foreseeable future I will stick to a single project at a time. At the moment it is therssproject. I'm not sure what will be next. But I do want to take a more indie hacker approach on my side projects from now on, and that will reflect on the stream as well.

I would like to grow my audience as well. The days I had the most fun on the stream where when people showed up and it wasn’t just me.

One recent thing that really got me inspired is @ThePrimeagen's video Why I make Content. I hope to be able to share that passion for programming as well!

See you on!